Isometric Structures!

Displayed here in reverse chronological order, sometimes I'll draw some isomentric structures to relax, it's really nice to put these peaceful little worlds together. I like to think of stories for the people that live in these isolated places, maybe one day I'll compile the good bits into a proper setting or somethin' but for now, they are just pictures.

City of Andestine

The outskirts of the city of Andestine, light streaming out the windows, a town usually bustling but at this time sleeping. Despite some of the architecture elements being inspired by the city that never sleeps, this is a depiction of the city at very still rest.

Abandoned Depot

No one lives here anymore, maybe no one ever did. This was a supply depot, a crossroads with a bed, few called this place home even on its busy days. But no one lives here now, aside from perhaps a crow or bug.

Towering Housing

The first drawing with a person in the frame, this is also the busiest one. The pillar of crates and lights juts out of the clouds at a funny angle, suspended by stonework the size of dinner tables, looking haphazardly planned and worn. Slowly being torn apart to keep the structure stable.

Water Tower

A reservoir built by an industrious shopkeep, selling premium Mesospheric Dew! to an implied population somewhere below the clouds. A light ship sits in wait for the shopkeeps errands for whenever they roll out of bed in these weeks-long mornings.

Sunset Inn

This is the first one I properly finished, an inn perched up somewhere in the sky. The lighting rod implies a stormy weather but it is too peaceful here to use such a thing, it probably wouldn't work even if we tried!